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From President

 To all beloved Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Greetings in His name from the Golden land of Myanmar! My apologies for not being able to write to you earlier due to the celebrations, jubilations and thanksgiving services and attending to my patients upon my return. As Asia and the world celebrates this new appointment, I feel very humbled and also very concerned that I might not live up to the expectations as the previous committee has done an outstanding work for our Baptist community. Behind the scenes,our newly appointed committee has been communicating almost daily to discuss about the work and challenges ahead of us, starting from getting our names right!!! While preparing for the approaching Day of Prayer in November, I went through the prayer request for Asia which happens to be exactly the vision and objective I have in mind.

This can’t be a coincidence but clearly, God’s timing is so perfect to choose someone who shares the same vision as the guidelines prepared for Asia many months if not years ago. My top priority during my tenure will be 1. To promote the observance of Day of Prayer in order to give more support to our mission work. 2. To get more young women involved in all our work and missions. 3. To see significant growth in our member bodies through close networking support. 4. To improve connectivity and to be assessable by all members in this Information technology era. 5. To ensure the four executives get to visit all member countries in rotation for Day of Prayer during their 5 years tenure. The road ahead may be long, narrow and hard for us but with God all things are possible. ( Mathew 19:26) As this newborn team tries to crawl through their journey, we need all your prayers, guidance and support to achieve the goals set ahead for us. May God’s choicest blessings be upon all the sisters in Asia and around the world to be able to Rise and Shine.

Yours in Christ,
Vernette MM Sann
Yangon, Myanmar