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Mdm Mercy Mayuri


Name  : Mercy Mayuri Moses

Age  : 64 years (21st January 1959)

Marital Status : Married (1984)

Husband’s name: Moses Chinna Rao

Family : Two sons and one daughter (single)

Email   : [email protected]


Mrs. Mercy Mayuri Moses was born in the year 1959, on the 21st day of January. Resided in the southern part of India, she is the third child to Mr. & Mrs. Solomons.

Mayuri has attained a Post Graduate Degree (Master of Science) on the Subject of Organic Chemistry from the Renowned S. V. University (Andhra Pradesh, India). She got Married in 1983, to Mr. Moses Chinna Rao, and relocated to the western part of India, to a city named Bombay. She has two sons and a daughter.

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Education: M.Sc (Chemistry), B.Ed (1983) from S. V. University

Career: Teacher (Retired as Vice Principal in State Government College) (2017)