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Mdm Siska Rafika

Name   : Siska Rafika

Age      : 46 (12th January, 1977)

Marital Status              : Married

Husband’s name          : Doni Wijaya

Family                          : 1 daughter and 1 son

Email: [email protected]

A movement, SAIN (Sayang Anak Indonesia), emerged from a vision where Indonesia would experience a demographic bonus from children and the Union of Indonesia Baptist Churches saw this as something serious that needed to be done immediately in equipping mentors and parents to educate this golden generation. Together with 10 other people, Rafika engaged in equipping them with various views both spiritually and all other areas. Siska shared the importance of understanding parenting patterns that are in accordance with God’s Word for children both in the family and also in the church.

Recently, Rafika's ministry mostly takes place in the school with teachers. She also had done the Parenting and Character Seminars in schools and churches with certain topics: types of Parenting Patterns, 7 steps to train children to control gadget use, Children's Success Team, approriate conversations between children and parents, Teachers and parents as partners for children, basic skills for children and how to manage children’s negative emotions.

Siska and team also have been monitoring some Baptist Schools and public schools from 2019 up to now. Starting from 2022, she started the women ministry for having a Bible study for socio-emotional women at churches in Jakarta.


Positions held in ABWU member body: Assistant Secretary


Positions held in National Baptist Organization: A member of SAIN (Sayang Anak Indonesia) of Union of Indonesia Baptist Churches since 2017 until now.


Positions held in local women’s ministry: Sunday school teacher with largely female participant.


Positions held in other Christian groups: Rafika has been involved in oikumene women’s ministry all over Indonesia based on the “Significant Woman” book as the basic of the Bible study during the pandemic through online.


Positions held in secular groups:

1. Facilitator for ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) Indonesia Head of “GiEd” and “Salt and Light” education group to equip boards and schools from Java and Sumatra island.

2. Teaching at the Jakarta Baptist Theological Seminary for ENGLISH class and ENGLISH THEOLOGIA