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Covid 19 Food Crisis.

WOMEN HELPING WOMEN (Covid 19 Food Crisis) in

Pakistan, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.




Rice distribbution to migrant workers and food and supplies for Heavenly Home

orphanage in Maesod, Thailand supported by ABWU.



ABWU Covid 19 food crisis support has reached the the Philippines!

Praise God for the dedicated women serving in various unions.



ABWU reaches out to displaced people in conflict zones, living in temporary

shelters In Rakhine state Myanmar.


ABWU reaches out to displaced refugees at Emmanuel Blessing Camp through

House of Blessing Ministry along Thai-Myanmar border.




ABWU reaches out to single moms and women affected by Covid 19 in Nepal

through Rise and Shine, Nepal.


The fast but not the least, ABWU helping Baptist women in India with Covid 19 relief.