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ABWU Mission work 2019.

Women of Asia, Thai, Karen, Lahu, Chinese, Myanmar, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, India,

Indonesia, Sri Lanka all in one spirit having fellowship in Chiangmai.



Morning devotion @ Mae La refugee camp , Maesod, Thailand.


“WE ARE THE WORLD, WE ARE THE CHILDREN “ ABWU Library has been launched at Heavenly Home orphanage.

Maesod, Thailand. Please donate books, ( English, Thai , Myanmar, Chinese) videos, stationeries etc..


INDIA TRIP February 2-5 , 2019 at Dimapur, Nagaland

Feb 3, 19 at East Dimapur Sumi Baptist Church.



Feb 3,19 at Discipleship Bible Collage ( Night Time ).


Pasters family fellowship at West Dimapur Baptist Church.


Feb 5-10 ,19 Attended 145 Garo Baptist Convention Celebration at Tura Stadium.


Garo Baptist Women Fellowship at Tura Stadium.


Garo Baptist Women meeting at Tura Baptist Church.


ABWU president shared about '' How to be a good health.


ABWU secretary shared about ABWU structure and '' Why we most pray for others women''.

Sunday service the last day at Tura, Garo Hill.


With a reasort's owner and others guests of Garo Baptist Convention.

Around 200,000 Garo Christian attended Sunday service.